Lucy is a commercial lawyer with particular expertise in digital media, technology, e-commerce and digital publishing. Her specialisms include the development and publication of apps, games and websites; social media publishing; digital magazines; the digital distribution of content; online partnerships/affiliate deals; and the sale of physical, digital and virtual goods via websites and apps.

Throughout her career, Lucy has built up a client base of hundreds of professionals across the TV, publishing, online retail, and music industries whom she advises on a range of commercial legal issues and business affairs.

Prior to joining Keystone, Lucy worked both in private practice and in-house for global music and media companies (EMI and BBC Worldwide) which enabled her to broaden her skills, knowledge and commercial acumen.

She also speaks fluent German, having lived and studied in Berlin.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Lucy. She's focused, sharp, dedicated and a really good lawyer. Her knowledge of the digital market, publishing and gaming is also very strong.

Chris Kerwin, Director of Publishing
BBC Worldwide

It's a cliché, but Lucy has a can-do attitude, and she always sought the most appropriate solutions with her very broad-range thinking. She was immensely reliable, warm and approachable.

Vic Grimshaw, Editor
Beyond Words

Lucy's attention to detail is meticulous and her ability to bring a wide range of thinking into so many situations goes way beyond her excellent legal skills and experience.

Ruth Katz, Director of Content Protection
EMI Music