Dr Sam is a dual-qualified lawyer and medical doctor with over 15 years’ experience of handling litigation and regulatory issues affecting the life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors. In particular, his expertise covers product liability litigation matters involving pharmaceutical medicines and medical devices.

His practice focuses on defending claims brought against pharmaceutical and healthcare industry clients, ranging from start-up and small-sized companies to multinationals. As well as acting on unitary claims, he has acted on some of the largest and most complex pharmaceutical product liability group (multi-claimant) actions brought in the UK.

Using his medical background, Sam has particular expertise in the medical evaluation of alleged injuries in product liability, personal injury and clinical negligence claims, and the early assessment of the merits of claims or in reviewing medical reports. He has extensive experience of collating, reviewing and summarising scientific literature and medical records, often working with scientific and nursing colleagues, which can be tailored to the individual needs of the client.

In addition to his product liability litigation experience, he has experience of advising on various regulatory aspects of medicines, conducting regulatory due diligence on product and company acquisitions, acting on regulatory investigations and enforcement actions by the UK regulatory authorities and defending a number companies and individuals for alleged breaches of regulatory compliance.

Sam is a qualified General Practitioner (GP) and holds a 1st-class honours degree in Immunology. He was a “LOCOG Games Maker” at the London 2012 Olympic Games and headed up the LOCOG anti-doping team covering football at Wembley Stadium, acting as its Doping Control Station Manager. He has a particular interest in the scientific and medical aspects of alleged doping violations using chemical substances.